19 May 2016

Welcome to the next generation of Grow Tents. Apollo Horticulture's Grow Tents are an excellent and convenient place to develop and cultivate your growing space.

By choosing Apollo Horticulture's Grow Tents, we are pleased to offer you all of the following:

Durability: Our tents are equipped with strong metal poles that will uphold your Grow Tent's frame and lock your structure securely in place.

Thickness: Apollo's Grow Tent fabric is made from dependable thread and double-stitched fabric with maximized thickness acting as a barrier to prevent any outside exposure.

Shield: Our tent is designed with a heavy-duty metal zipper to protect and properly safeguard your growing space. The zipper opens to an easily accessible doorway for convenient access to your vegetation.

Light-Proof: Our Grow Tent is securely lined with light-proof and 100% reflective tear-proof Mylar to create a sustained and quiet environment for your grow.

Apollo Horticulture offers easy tool-free installation along with a 90 day warranty on our Grow Tent products. Aim High. Grow Apollo Horticulture!

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